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Traditions and beliefs

TOP Hemp was founded in 2019 by partners Joelle Mihaere and Sam Innes, who considered tradition, culture, sustainability and health before determining the forefront of their brand intention and objectives.

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Traditions and beliefs

As a result of whānau related health concerns, Joelle researched alternative hemp food products and Sam expressed endearment by investing himself in development of hemp food recipes and products. This resulted in the idea of establishing, TOP Hemp.

The traditions, beliefs and values of TOP Hemp evolved through creativity and were brought to life with passion and desire. This has developed a powerful and defining differentiator between TOP Hemp and their competitors, which is represented by acts such as holding health and wellness seminars/events within their community, supporting New Zealand farms/businesses, incorporating Maori culture and educating others. This has been proven by integrity shown towards Te reo Maori, local farmers, community, sourcing ingredients locally and educating consumers.

TOP Hemp focusses on addressing environmental and economical sustainability. They develop sustainable products which are reusable, such as glass packaging. TOP Hemp has implemented a jar/bottle replacement/refill policy with our local customers who return their used jars to the registered address and also retail spot within our local farmers market. In addition there is a compostable refill bag option for refill orders placed online.

There are also many cases in which social issues are raised during the time spent with consumers. Social issues can be conflicting since Hemp was once recognised as an illegal substance. TOP Hemp has become adaptable to turning conflicting opinions into more informative, educational and sustainable discussions. This is achieved by social posts, face to face meetings, seminars and events surrounding sustainability inc hemp farming and using hemp within the construction, agriculture, motor vehicle and plastic industries.

TOP Hemp also consciously reduces their carbon foot print and impact to the planet by using sustainable packaging through their distribution channels. Examples of this are the use of glass packaging, biodegradable courier bags and protective 'honeycomb shaped' eco wrapping.

There is no doubt that TOP Hemp considers themselves a regenerative business, which will help future generations to come. Amongst the integrity and ethics, Joelle Mihaere and Sam Innes are very humble when accepting their roles as guardians or leaders of the sustainable and regenerative hemp land and industry, here in Aotearoa.

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