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New Zealand's first stoneground hemp spread


What is PATA?


- Cameron Douglas, NZ Master Sommelier, Mindfood Magazine -

"Definitely a tahini texture. It sticks to your mouth, my teeth and tongue like smooth whipped peanut butter straight away. Once the initial hit dies down, it's very smooth, it has a peanut butter character right at the outset. Once that dies down the hempseed flavour comes through quite nicely, then you have the olive flavour, it's not particularly salty. A well balanced paste, wow. 

What could you do with this? 

You could put it on the side of an oven baked salmon, you could use it instead of tahini, you could put it on a cheeseboard or a pretty dinner platter with spicy meats. You could use it as a dip with carrots, wow, really nice. 

Ive just put it on an oat meal cracker, Im thinking blue cheese, original Pata, oat cracker, truffle powder, perfect. "


Why Pata?

  • free of nut allergens

  • certified organic hemp

  • stoneground

  • omega 3-6-9

  • protein

  • vegan & keto friendly

  • raw and natural ingredients

  • overall health

  • made and developed in New Zealand

  • environmentally friendly in recyclable glass

  • delicious


- Yvonne Lorkin, Chief tasting officer for Dish Magazine and NZ Herald - 

"I've pretty much demolished all three flavours in just days. The consistency is like smooth peanut butter or tahini and the flavours are addictively moreish (the sweet Pata is sweetened with a tweak of ground dates & is so so good) I tossed leftover roast kumara with the chilli pata for my lunch today, and the original is perfect on a bit of Vogel's NZ toast. They're nutty and yummy and in the fine print it says they're even keto & vegan friendly - Nice!"

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