NZ Reformed Cannabis Referendum

On September 19th, we vote 'yes' or 'no' in a reformed Cannabis referendum. If we look at the referendum from a pre Covid-19 perspective, we would see, most notably, a negative perception surrounding the recreational & social use of Cannabis but a huge favourable advantage on the medicinal use. When we look at it from a post Covid-19 perspective, the medicinal, social & recreational usage remains the same but an economical crisis has formed, since the start of April our economy looks a lot different to what we were once used too. Unfortunately our economic crisis has only just begun, New Zealand is forecasting a huge number of job losses and business closure over the next 6 months. Is it time, from a neutral standpoint, to look towards the cannabis industry for revival?, ask yourself, can it create jobs? Can it reform the agricultural regions of NZ? is it time for change? 

Restart and restructure. Use it wisely and Cannabis can be used as an economic tool and can create a solid foundation for local economy. 

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