No Ugly Wellness Tonics
  • No Ugly Wellness Tonics

    No Ugly Skin - 10,000mg of gorgeous, ethically sourced French marine fish collagen which significantly increases skin elasticity and firmness* when consumed daily for at least 4 weeks. Combining this with No Ugly’s hero ingredient Enzogenol®, New Zealand’s very own super-antioxidant, and with support from vitamin C, No Ugly Skin helps your body keep up production of its own natural collagenThe Enzogenol®/Collagen/Vitamin C combo is a winner, helping the formation and synthesis collagen along with firmness in skin. It comes in the form of a convenient, delicious, pineapple-flavoured wellness tonic. Plus, it has the added convenience of No Ugly’s direct-to-your-door subscription service. Gorgeous. A little bottle that packs a big glowy punch.
    No Ugly Immunity - We all love to push the boundaries now and then - one more drink, one less hour of sleep, one less metre of social distancing - but no one loves it more than bugs. Germ bugs, bacteria bugs, viral bugs, micro-organism bugs, plague bugs - they're all there. All just waiting for your immune system to let it's guard down, and bang! - they're in.That's why No Ugly has come up with No Ugly Immunity. A wellness tonic scientifically formulated to support your immune system. We started with 100% of your daily intake of Vitamin C, added some echinacea, some Pouatu Manuka Honey from the Forgotten World in Taranaki, 12 vitamins and minerals and Fibersol-2 to slow your uptake of ugly old sugar. Then we delicious-ed it all up with lemon and ginger and put it in a dark bottle to protect it from the light.Get your immune system back to gorgeous.



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